Wallpaper a Great Partner in Decoration | Commercial Interior Design

It will be difficult to detach from it, because it has a very good value and makes a huge difference to the overall look and feel of any space. Wallpaper isn’t new in decoration, so you will see it everywhere, in all shapes and forms, beautiful and attractive, but sometimes not so well placed.

We can let the imagination go wild with them today. They can imitate textures like fabrics, woods, bricks and stones and it can also be a family photo, a landscape, graphics that give depth to the space… Finally, it can go on walls, doors, furniture, windows, and even mirrors! There are few limits to its use today.

Initially, beware of the excesses! Spaces with a lot of wallpaper looks heavy. Depending on the place it can look cheap, lack in style or taste.

Wallpaper a Great Partner in Decoration | Commercial Interior Design

Very large images for small places makes can be hard to visualise and confusing for the eye. Wallpaper with pictures must have context, for example an ambience with tropical foliage in classic style looks beautiful, now a jungle in a small room looks like a giant spider will come out at any time. Family photos, when reproduced in large size, should be done by a professional – actually, any reproduction must be of professional images, otherwise it will be unsophisticated not to say terrible and what is worse: no one will tell you because it involves images of your family. So, beware!

Arabesque and tribal are good examples of wallpaper that look gorgeous in detail like doors and windows.

To give a touch of humour, wallpapers are perfect too! For instance,  how cool is this mouth wallpaper for a small washroom? In some places the plagiarism in wallpaper like a bottom wall of a corridor with adhesive of marble Rosso Verona or Nero Marquita fits very well.  A column of bricks, or even the effect of cement on a wall would fit an industrial decoration on a budget.

It is good to remember that although the imagination can run loose with the options, an interior designer will help you to keep it harmonic with the rest of the environment so you don’t feel overwhelmed by it.

Wallpaper a Great Partner in Decoration | Commercial Interior Design

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