Modern Classroom | Education Fitout
School holidays is quickly approaching and there’s no better time to renovate then when the least number of staff and students are be in the building.

Yet, renovations take time and the design phase can vary from 1 week to 6 months before any trade gets onsite. So, if you haven’t had time to plan a full renovation in advance but would really like to open school looking fresh in 2019, perhaps a simple makeover is the way to go.

A great point in doing a quick project is that you will not need council approvals. It is considered a minor development and therefore it does not require consent*.

If you are a school manager you know that transforming your campus, replacing and modernising ageing classrooms and facilities will play a big part on the students’ school of choice. 21st Century upgrades such as elective labs, interactive classrooms, quiet study rooms and rooms to connect are a must!

By perpetuating an image of boring, grey and dull classrooms, we are inherently teaching students that school will be a drag. That is not always a good lesson to teach!

What can we do in less than 12 weeks


Bright, colourful surroundings evoke feelings of joy in all of us. So why not encourage students to feel joy while learning new things?

By using bright colours to our advantage, we can help teachers make learning synonymous with fun.


New technology is hard for schools to come by simply because of financial reasons and that can make schools seem boring and sluggish.

The students of this generation are considered technological learners. They learn best being more interactive, and technology is what helps them do that.

Students often struggle to stay on task or interested, and with resources to help the teacher, they can better stay focused and learn faster. Get it updated!


Custom orders are mostly out of question in quick makeover projects! However suppliers tend to have a great deal of ready-made furniture you can get delivered in less than two weeks.

New furniture encourages a sense of respect for the school’s property. Just as you are more likely to take care of a new car, to keep it shiny and nice for as long as possible, if it looks neat and tidy.


Lighting is essential because it can greatly affect productivity. Productivity and the hours students can spend in the space will depend on how tired their eyes are. They get tired faster in weak light.

Therefore, embracing natural light and layers of appropriate artificial lights are crucial for everyone’s well being.

A new classroom provides a strong foundation upon which a good teacher can build up a passion for learning. By offering first class renovated facilities, we allow students the best opportunities available.

Do you want to know more about how ARA Interiors can we help your school during school holidays? Let’s talk!

*Note: For more complex development advice, you will need to arrange a pre-DA meeting with your council.