What Reality TV Forgot To Tell You

Nightmare renovation | Commercial Design

As Halloween approaches, I’m feeling the urge to share some real horror stories and nothing pairs better with sweets than a good scary renovation story!

If you have ever watched renovation shows, you may conclude that a complete renovation can be completed by yourself and probably within an hour! On TV series, amateurs are often able to change floors, paint and manage tradespeople with very few – if any – hiccups. On real life however, people are rarely able to focus on their renovation full-time like reality TV participants. After all, someone must go back to their day job eventually to pay for those beautiful new features, am I right?

Real Case Scenario

As an interior design firm specialised in commercial design we have saved brave entrepreneurs who started their renovation on “DIY mode” and encounter several horrific business practices committed by unreliable tradespeople and suppliers. The list goes from delays to no-shows after payment. One of our clients received a text message from a trades’ person who had left them waiting onsite after several attempts to meet saying:

“How about I won’t come at all u ungrateful person everyone on holidays, I tried so hard. U back off”.

Shocking, but true! I had to see the message with my own eyes to believe it!

Tradesperson Text | Commercial Design


We understand that there are people out there who are very much in touch with their inner decorator but find themselves stuck in nightmare renovation stories like this. Maybe they think hiring an interior designer is a luxury afforded only by big brands. However, hiring a commercial interior designer is quite common for savvy, cost-conscious business owners because we are privy to a little-known secret: we can save you money in the long run!

This is how we do it at ARA Interiors:

  • Envisioning the “end result” to avoid costly mistakes. Every piece is measured, planned, and carefully chosen to work together beautifully.

  • Saving your precious time. Design is about a thousand details behind the scenes that take a lot of time. Time you can spend with your family, or on your own business, or doing the things that you love. It’s our passion to obsess over these things, so that you don’t have to.

  • Having access to quality sources. Quality materials and furniture stand the test of time, reducing the need to replace it after only a few years.

  • Advising if something is worth the investment. We know how to incorporate the “saves” with the “splurges” to achieve an overall high-end, high-impact look.

  • Giving you access to wholesale pricing. That usually means discounts of at least 10% on designer merchandise!

  • Raising the perceived value of your products and services. A thoughtful design capitalises on the best architecture, character, and style, it cannot help but raise the value of your brand.

Now that you’re totally convinced, would you like to chat how we can help you? Just tell us about your renovation plans and we’ll get in touch! And don’t worry. There will be no pressure… We’re very friendly and fun to talk to!

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