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Concept Design Service | Ara Interiors

Have you considered tackling your own interior design project?

We understand that there are clients out there who are very much in touch with their inner decorator but find that they need some occasional guidance or a second opinion before making major decisions for their space*.

Maybe you have an ongoing project where you are acting as your own contractor and need some advice on the best materials to use, or if what you chose will even work together in the space. ​Maybe you enjoy the process of sourcing and purchasing your own furnishings but need a designer eye to make sure they all work well together.

Need a design done for you, with an eye on the bottom line?

Our Concept Design service is a great way to enlist the help of a professional Interior Designer if you are on a budget but still want great style. It is a great way to decorate in stages – one space at a time, or if you are a DIY-er at heart and enjoy managing your own design project. Our Concept Design service is a great way to take advantage of working with our team, for a fraction of the cost of our full-service design projects.
You get a comprehensive design plan that you can manage on your own.
We will give you everything you need to know to create a stunning result, including a furniture plan, colour palette, a shopping list with direct clickable links, and thorough instructions for turning your dream interior into a reality.

Here’s How It Works!

Our Concept Design service works very much like regular design projects done by us except for a couple of things:


Thanks to technology, it is now possible to help you to achieve great results online. After our initial onsite consultation, everything else happens via email and phone.


All products for our Concept Design projects are available through online and local retailers, as opposed to the custom and trade-only options that we use for our full-service design projects.

What You Get

Concept Design | Floor Plan

Once we have all information we set to work on your project. Then in 3-5 weeks, you will receive a personalised plan for creating an ARA Interiors inspired interior.

Here is what you will receive:

  • Concept board

  • Floor-plan of your space

  • Furniture placement drawn to scale

  • Selections for furniture and larger accessories

  • Window treatment design

  • An organised shopping guide complete with pricing

  • Thorough instructions on how to implement your design

  • One revision is included and must be requested within 7 days of receiving your design plan

Are You Ready to Get Started?

  • Once your booking is confirmed, we will get the process started to your customised Concept Design.
  • We will email you within 3-5 business days the welcome package which includes the Concept Design Contract, Design Questionnaire, and confirmation of our onsite 2-hours consultation.
  • We then ask you to forward digital photos of the space or spaces that we will be working on as well as some exterior photos so that we fully understand the architectural style with which we are working.
  • Next, we need an idea of the budget for the project, from construction work to soft furnishings. You will have an opportunity to indicate this on the Design Questionnaire that you will fill out.
  • We will also need an idea of what you love and the feel you want to achieve in your space. We gain insight for this through the Design Questionnaire and inspiration photos that you collect from magazines, blogs and other sources. These images also need to be sent to us.
  • We will send you a status email at least once per week with the progress until the final design is delivered to you. We will also respond to any questions or concerns you may have emailed to us in this weekly status email.
  • We will be happy to provide extra design support* after the final design has been delivered to you.

*Designer time blocks can be purchased in increments of 5, 10, 15 and 20 hours. Once you identify the plan that is right for you, we will send you an invoice so we  can credit your account for the total number of hours you purchased. Each time you request our services – anything from a call to a shopping day – we will deduct from your available time. Time deductions are made in increments of 5 minutes. We will send you a report every two weeks, showing how the time is used and how much time remains on your account. You can choose to purchase another time block as needed. 

ARA Interiors will block out that specific date and time on our calendar. Consultation fees are billed at the time the appointment is booked.
The Concept Design consultation fee is $350 + GST and is payable in advance of your appointment. This amount will be deducted from your chosen Concept Design package.
For ongoing decor guidance for your decorating needs, you are welcomed to take a look at our Commercial Design service.

Not sure which one is right for you?

Contact Us If You Have Any Questions

​ *A ‘space” is defined by its purpose. E.g. If we are designing an office, we will consider the workspace area as one space, meeting room another space, reception is another and so on, unless the total area to be designer is smaller than 25m2.