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Many professionals speak about ‘outgrowing’ the space they had designed only a short time before, or finding that they could not carry out the sort of health care they wanted to deliver, as the building was structured to suit an ‘outdated’ model. It is useful to think for the long-term – for the length of the building’s life-cycle – and build your clinic with flexible design in mind.

Our design approach thoughtfully considers the patient experience, the public experience and staff whose performance is critical to positive health outcomes. Through patterning techniques, connection to nature using biophilic design, strategic use of colour, form and storytelling, ARA Interiors re-imagine physical areas where patients feel the most vulnerable.

We explore clinic design as a restorative and calming place, providing patients with a positive distraction from an otherwise, often stressful journey. Efficiency is important to us. It can involve thermal design, low maintenance materials, layout, flow and easy-to-read signage.

Our interdisciplinary approach ensures well-conceived solutions that establish an accurate understanding of the physical implications, cost, and time required to implement a project. We believe in the power of design to shape memorable, people-focused experiences that hearten spirits, awaken senses, and breathe joy and sensitivity into the clinic design, while also working to preserve patient control and dignity.

Bottom line

Best practice design can employ ‘passive’ features that improve workplace productivity and reduce impact on the environment without the cost of additional staff and resources.
Studies reported that the estimated savings (from reducing harm, for example) and revenue gains (from improved patient flow, for example) nearly recaptured the incremental investment on better building in one year.
Whether you know exactly what look you are trying to achieve or need some design inspiration, we will guide you through the process, and help you create a unique and workable space for you, your staff and patients to enjoy.
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