Propel Your Airbnb with Interior Design

Getting an additional source of income that requires a minimal amount of attention and time from you, creates a shift in your life. You create either additional income, or additional free time, or both. Two things you may not have now. Either, or both of these things give you more freedom, and more options. This ‘shift’ can move your life in a whole new direction.
The gap between putting up a listing as an Airbnb host, hoping for the best, and succeeding is wide. Do it badly, you won’t get any booking, or worse you’ll get bookings and then bad reviews. Once that happens, it’s hard to recover. There’s a lot to consider. As the saying goes ‘if you’re going to do something, do it well’.
When on holidays, there is something so alluring about staying in a beautiful, convenient Airbnb, versus the average run of the mill (or even fancy!) hotel. It is a more personalised, and often more affordable, experience. But in my professional opinion, only if the decor is on point!

How We Help

We’ll look at everything that can make or break your success with Airbnb – the wording of your listing, your price point, how you communicate with your guests, your space, your commitment.
Airbnb Styling | Ara Interiors

My expertise in all these areas comes from being a host for 2 years and an interior designer. I have extensive experience hosting both renting out the entire property when I’m abroad and sharing my house with guests when I’m at home. I have consistent 5-star ratings in both areas and hold the badge of honour of ‘Superhost’ for the quality of my hosting.
Investing just a little bit in decor and professional photos can go a very long way in the payout department.
Think of it like staging and professional photos for a home that is on the market. Almost every potential buyer will gravitate towards the professional photo when searching online, and it is pretty much proven that using a professional stager with clean/updated decor will win the seller a higher closing price.

“As it relates to Airbnb, spending extra on an Airbnb interior designer should be viewed as an investment as it will increase your nightly rate.
Do not worry, I’ll guide you through every area to give you the best chance of success.”

I completely agree. How do you accomplish this?

One of the beautiful things about Airbnb is that every space is unique, and every host is unique. Therefore, one on one support is so beneficial in the process of setting up this business.

Airbnb Styling | Ara Interiors

This service is held over 2 stages:

> Up to 1 hour on-site consultation to assess the space and the pieces you already own;

> Up to 4-6 hours of design time covering:

• Consultation notes with design challenges observed for entire space and solutions, suggestions and recommendations
• Tips on how to make the space as appealing as possible to potential guests
• Inspiration photos (per room*)
• Floor plan with furniture layout of one room (dimensions included)
• Paint colour selection for up two rooms
• Delivery within 7 business days

Let’s set your property apart from all the other listings on Airbnb by creating a little paradise to impress your guests!

ARA Interiors will block out that specific date and time on our calendar. Consultation fees are billed at the time the appointment is booked*.

The Airbnb Host consultation fee is $900 + GST and payment will be required via PayPal.

For ongoing guidance for your design needs, you are welcomed to take a look at our Concept Design service.

This service is available to clients located within 10km from Sydney CBD.

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