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We get it. You love meeting new people coming all over the world and you like the idea of getting some extra income on your way to Airbnb SuperHost status. But before you put your listing up, we suggest you consider this rule as your number 1 rule: Make sure your guests take off their shoes before entering your home. Read on, because this is about way more than keeping dirt off of your clean carpet.

If you ever visited Japan, you know the importance of taking off your shoes before entering a Japanese house (especially on Airbnb houses if you want to get 5 stars). As many Japanese eat on tatami mats on the floor and sleep on futons that are rolled out at night, it seems logical to keep shoes at the door.

Now, science is backing up this hygienic practice and revealing that what you pick up on your shoes is not just a few germs and dirt, but rather nasty customers who should never be allowed into your home! This is particularly important when your Airbnb allow families with toddlers rolling around the floor.

Researchers at the University of Houston found that about 40% of shoes were carrying the nasty “C.diff” bacterium, which stands for Clostridium difficile. These spores are not at all easy to treat. The study found that this C.diff was not only on shoe soles (about 40% of the total examined), but also spread around other household areas such as toilets, tops and surfaces, and wherever floor dust was found. These spores can live on dry surfaces for a long time.

What you can do to have a healthier and cleaner Airbnb home?

There are so many advantages in taking off those shoes and wearing slippers!

  • You will have to clean the house less often and your floor coverings will last longer, thus saving you lots of money. Your shoes will last longer, too!

  • Keep a shoe rack or basket near the door so that everyone does it automatically, as soon as they get home.

  • Your house will be much healthier and cleaner.

  • If you have toddlers around, they can safely play on the floor and you need not worry about them.

  • Another great advantage is that if you go barefoot, you will be stimulating your foot pressure points — for you reflexology enthusiasts. The Chinese have been doing that for 5,000 years!

Finally, your neighbours downstairs will start smiling at you again as they no longer hear the clip-clop of your shoes, up and down, morning and night!

Now, you don’t want this bacteria as a guest in your home, do you? Off with the shoes and offer your guest some slippers!

Airbnb Rule Number #1 | Airbnb Styling by Ara Interiors

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